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Bobcat Miner 300 Helium Hotspot for HNT – EU868

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EU868 – Europe & UAE

Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot for HNT. It is compatible with Helium LongFi, an architecture that combines the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol, and the Helium Blockchain technology. The Bobcat Miner 300 is also compatible with all LoRaWAN devices. 

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Product Features

6 key features for you to earn more HNT



Compatible with Helium LongFi, a technology architecture that combines LoRaWAN and the Helium Blockchain.

Data Storage.png

64 GB Storage

Built-in 64GB eMMC flash for better data security and larger memory storage.


4dbi Antenna

 Provides wider network coverage, meaning better Proof of Coverage result for increased $HNT earnings.


OTA Update

Remotely change the miner’s location settings and more without having to send it back to the manufacturer.

Processor Chip.png

Quad-core Processor

Equipped with industrial-grade Rockchip PX30, a high-performance quad-core application processor

Low Power.png

Low Power

Uses as little power as a 5W light bulb, which consumes 0.12kWh electricity per day.

Bobcat Miner Transparent.png

Earn More HNT

Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot for HNT. It is compatible with Helium LongFi, an architecture that combines the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol and the Helium Blockchain technology.


Frequency Information

Bobcat currently support US915, EU868, AU915, AS923, and KR920. You should select your frequencies as follows:

US915 – North America

EU868 – Europe & UAE

AU915 – Australia, Brazil, Peru, and New Zealand

AS923 – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

KR920 – Korea

“Bobcat is the first Helium-compatible mining gateway for the China market and will enable the cities to become smarter and more connected.”

Frank Mong

COO of Helium

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“Our solution collaboration with Helium and Bobcat expands the deployment of the LoRaWAN network to more miners.”

Marc Pegulu

Vice President Wireless LoRa and IoT

The Network Keeps

The People’s Network is lighting up all over the world and Bobcat is leading the way.

Hotspots Shipped*


Hotspots Onboarded*


*Last updated 11/17/21

Source: DeWi Metabase


The Helium ecosystem is filled with new hardware and software solutions that are being deployed everywhere.



13 reviews for Bobcat Miner 300 Helium Hotspot for HNT – EU868

  1. admin

    Hi , am looking to buy 3 and place around 300 metres apart in an area where there are none , would that make sense .

  2. James Smythe

    Yes, this would be a perfect solution as you will connect to each of your own hotspots for maximum gains – obviously, more hotspots would be better but it is a good start.

  3. Ron norman

    Hi. I love in a rural village with no hotspots near to me. However from my house which is on a hill, I have clear views of wigan, bolton, Manchester and further. Manchester being 20 to 25 miles away. Am I too far away to get involved? I’m on higher ground than them places

  4. omagy

    Just ordered mine, there’s one in my area making 550 helium a month! It’s crazy.

  5. jNET

    i received my Bobcat yesterday! Currently syncing at 99.78% woot!

  6. ola

    How much helium have you mined in a month?

  7. great

    grats on getting your miner. i have 8 on order atm 😛 just found out about this stuff like a month ago. 3 syncrobits on order and then i saw bobcat updated to coinbase payment so i ordered 5 more to deploy this week. seems like a great time to get into crypto. economy and markets will probably tank and then in a few years it’ll most likely boom again. so it’ll be a good time to farm up some coins the next few years. if only i could get gpus for mining ethereum now 😛 . i won’t buy cards from scalpers.

  8. weson

    Can you change it between wifi or Ethernet anytime?

    • admin

      Yes for sure. you can change that during setup 🙂 However, rather then just plugging the Ethernet cable in; I went back into pairing mode to ensure was recognized. That may or may not be necessary but yes for sure.

  9. nik

    I tried to place an order myself, I can’t handle this method, please you can make a video step by step how to place an order? Thank you!!

  10. mike

    Ordered one on Friday! Hopefully I get it before the halving. Thanks for the information!

  11. kris kim

    I have a quick question. im planning to buy a Helium miner to start mining, however i live in the Netherlands and i do not have any Helium miners in the near vicinity of where i live. Im wondering if its a good investment to start. By watching a couple of video’s i noticed that i need to have a network nearby to connect to the Helium network. Now my question is: is this a good investment even when there aren’t any helium miners nearby?

  12. George

    I need help from u guys i want to ask if this site safety to make order who is from u guys recived order from this site

  13. coffeetimer

    Yes, its trust website

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